Inspiration: 11 Things I’m Grateful For On 1-11-11!

I got this idea to write this post after reading my friend’s blog Self Feast. Since today is 1/11/11, she decided to make a list of 11 things that she is grateful for. I took the challenge and drafted my own list. I hope this year will open up new opportunities for us to continue experiencing more treasures that inspire and humble us everyday.

Here is my list, not meant to follow any particular order in less or more significance:

1 – Living the freelance life – I do appreciate the small things about being where I am in the present. I love having the flexibility to wander the city, go to the library for hours, and hit up my favorite cafes throughout the day. Ready and open for new professional opportunities!

2 – Bikram – I just started up my monthly membership yesterday and it made me so happy! I feel like it helped me hit a mind and body reset button.

3 – My body – Number two sort of encouraged this one. I’m so grateful for my health! My body always finds the grace it needs to keep it moving!

4 – My boyfriend – I hate to sound cheesy, but he is my number one fan. He encourages me and challenges me to keep pushing forward. Very grateful for him.

5 – My painting classes – I start my first class on Saturday and I’ve been super excited ever since I joined! Look forward to hanging all of my pieces up in the apartment.

6 – My apartment – It may be a temporary space, but it’s our space. I love the location, the staff, and the peaceful space! Very thankful for it.

7 – Sex and the City on E! – Do I have to explain?

8 – A good book – Right now I am reading Oprah’s Happiness book. It’s a great resource for inspirational stories and just adding a little bit of O in my life.

9 – My niece and nephew – They make me smile so much! Hearing Tia Sugey never gets old.

10 – My blog – I’m so glad I finally went live! I feel such a great release whenever I publish something. It sort of feels like the first time I saw my article published in a magazine. That too, never gets old.

11 – My friends and family – I love you guys, you know who you are. Plain and simple.

Thanks Mercedes and Vic!

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